Height: 6’3”
Weight: 205
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Special Skills

Writer of five screenplays (short & feature), voice-over, ADR, industrial, commercial, music video, PSA, special FX, green screen, stunt & fight choreography, print graphics modeling work, associate producer, PA, stand-up comedian, singer/songwriter, TelePrompTer, basic choreographed dance routines (novice level).

Rhoads Osbourne IMDB Page

Film Director Role
Hail, Caesar! Joel & Ethan Coen Nobleman
A Ballad for Tex Alberto Massarese Handsome Joe, the Gambler
Between Bullets Justin J. Burquist Frankie "Knuckles" Knox
Crazy Joe Clarke M. Smith Mr. Palmer, the Boss
Ten-Cent Pistol Michael C. Martin Russian Mobster
Broken Knuckles Justin J. Burquist Teddy, the Consigliere
Industrial Shoot Golden Era Productions Big Scary Biker Dude
Untitled Tragedy Carthy Bygland The Stranger
Modern Day Apocalypse Justin J. Burquist Dagger Darkley
Dakota: Inspired by Hannah Dustin Taylor Ashley U.S. Marshal Evans
The Rock-Off Greg Nicolayeff Referee T. Rex Van Rockenstein
The Drama Project Larry Gomez Dr. Theseus
Second Carlos Borges Seth Calden
Left Holding the Gun Kenneth Bowen Tim "Brass Tacks" Bentley
Neshima Tommy Friedman Lon the Blacksmith
Rattlesnake Will Vasquez Francisco Dominguez
Defect Sarah Barson Bigbad McMofo
A Tempting Proposition Jennifer Weil Gale
Graveyard Terror Taylor Ashley Jasper, the Ogre
Prey Michael Bacon Larry, the Ice Cream Truck Driver
Group Romance Walter Ruskin Dr. Dudley McCorkel
Not Now John Joey Sinko Vinnie, the Rat King
I Asked The Sun Tim Clifton Singer
Omission Alexis Duran Raymond
Yummy Mummies Ian Morris Dirk Daniel Douchenson
Les Poisson De La Amour Sarah Barson Joe
Dilution Greg Nicolayeff Franklin Melvin
Caged Aaron Adkins Lenny, the Pawnbroker
Inhaler Nick Reddoch Wolf, the Searcher
Monogamy For Sale Matt Gerardi Professor Freudlinger
Open War Matt Lawrence Police Commissioner
The Perfect Deal Corey Pike Strictly Business
Hollywood Hell Mars Huerta Rod O’Steele
Coronado Aaron Adkins Eddie Johnson
No Way Home Brian Garcia Stephen
Proxy Justin J. Burquist The Dark Figure
Dinner Scene, from The Stranger David Johansson Mersault
The NorthGuard Project Hunter Peterson Mr. Daniel Corren
Slate Tim Clifton Corky Woodcock
Bad Beat Jason Moulton Will
I Hate You, Dude Adam Anderson Derrick Castellucci
Interview: A Disgruntled Vampire Jonathan Meza Party Badass Vampire
Private Pictures Michael Bacon Bishop, the Cultmember
Abeo Graham Nolte The Producer
Service above Self Isaac Hansen Honest Panhandler
The Toymaker Niccolo H. Bodner Toymaker
Stuck Next to John Graham Nolte Kurt
The Fall of Aphonia Justin J. Burquist End Times Street Prophet
King Breaker Matt Snead Roach
Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy Matt Maislin Teddy, the Director
Plan B Tim Clifton Jefferson, the Kidnapper
Last Chance Lex Benedict Detective Macy
Leaving Out The Personal Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli The Elder
Sight Unseen Juan Guardado The Killer
Fired Eric Lingle Mr. Humes, The CEO
Poor Bruno Demian Dunkley Sam the Neighbor
Farina Jacob Jades Officer Bedford
Doug & Nathan Greg Cruser Jenkins, the Ghoul
Three Questions David W. Rhodes Silas
Mediocre Masterpiece Dexter Gareau Clifford Avery
One Way Alley Mithaq Kazimi Sylvester
A Strange Little Loop Jay Tanner McClurg Nick the Bartender
Roll Over, Play Dead Ally Zonsius Detective Stavaros
Two Minutes to Revenge Brian Garcia Don
Exfoliate Me Brandon Cano-Errecart Thomas
Crimson Matt Snead Roach
Miss Fortune Cookie Dave Beza Police Captain
Industrial Shoot The McAfee Group Press Corp Reporter
Grief & the Killer Jordan Wicht Randy
Of Blossoming Willows & Sacred Stars Ilana Funk 3 Sides of Self
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